About me

My name is Martin Johansson and I am currently working for Massive Entertainment – A Ubisoft Studio as a junior programmer. I am a former programmer of SouthEnd and studied game programming at The Game Assembly.

My specialization is in the areas of Tools, AI and gameplay programming, but I am very flexible and can handle all kinds of programming roles.

I have learned how to create games of many different genres (all from scratch), in groups ranging from 4 to 10 people. The environment has been very similar to a real company with high requirements, good code standards and strict deadlines. Our development process includes working with agile and scrum methodologies, with post mortem sessions after every finished project.

Our groups have consisted of both programmers and artists, so I have much experience in the communication between different professions. Personally, I define myself as a goal-oriented team player, eager to give the most of myself to achieve the best results possible.

I have been assigned many different roles, but my main role has been the Project Lead, due to my sense of structure and the responsibility that I take. This has really helped me understand the importance of communication in the group and between the leads.


e-mail: contact@marjoh.se
phone: +46 73-541 40 18

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